Seeing The World Through Your Eyes…

Over the last several months I have realized more than ever just how perspective changes everything for each one of you I have conversation with. From the post I wrote about my buddy Charlie Lawson and his brother who suffered severe burns on his body. I received this message from Jenna Colvin:

“Tim — I want to chat with you about this . His brother is the type of people firefighters for healing is all about helping …(the board I’m on) …. let’s chat” 

The story I told in my April newsletter about my good friend Chris Cornelius and his amazing daughter who is battling cancer with a smile on her face. I received this message from Chad Schumacher: 


Loved the newsletter! I am on the board of a non-profit called Hope Kids. It’s an organization set up for children with life threatening illnesses. They try to offer events for kids and families every day to take their minds off of the treatment schedules and match up families with similar problems. Anyway, you should point her family in this direction………” 

My conversation with you on a weekly basis through my emails you continue reading and responding to. I received several responses like the ones from Tracy, Lorrie & Bob:

“That’s a pretty cool story Tim. Keep changing lives!
I recommended you to a girlfriend who’s divorcing — though not sure if she’ll sell or not. Definitely won’t use her previous agent she said…horrible. Told her about my experience with you and she was impressed. Will keep you posted.”  
— Tracy Handt

“Tim, I loved the story. I enjoy following your family, real estate team, and now your broadcasting career. Looking forward to seeing and hearing the red A-H.”   — Bob Strand

“Good morning Tim, thanks for sending this

When your guest was speaking about the year at Harvard where they didn’t think their team would be very good that year because one was out with concussion and two or three were off to the Olympics but they decided not to think about it… I think they turned their hearts on and maybe quieted the brain.”   — Lorrie Skogstad

Thank You Jenna, Chad, Tracy, Bob and Lorrie for being just a few of the people whom I continue to enjoy conversation with on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. For me, the conversation makes doing “it” all worthwhile.

Without conversation, perspective is never understood. Perspective is everything when you think about it. We all walk on different paths while at the same time many of us are connected by similar goals. For this reason I cherish these conversation you are open to having with me. I hold dear the perspective you are willing to share about topics we discuss and problems we are trying to solve.

My change in perspective is what lead to the production of My change in perspective is what has given me strength to write you monthly through this newsletter, weekly through my Friday emails and continuously through the documentation of my personal story which you can follow at:
My perspective in life changed the day my daughter Shanley was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. From this day forward I have never been the same. My life’s purpose changed and I gained perspective on what is important to me and those I care most about.
So you see… perspective is everything and through our continuous conversation we both gain knowledge and understanding for each other’s view.

Thanks to all of you who have joined our conversation. It is a gift I will always protect because I can’t ask for yours without giving mine.
Who knows —  we might actually gain a perspective we never thought about. Believe me when I say, “A new perspective is like a new door. Open it — and you might be surprised at what you find on the other side. Never open it — and you will never know…”
My friend Ryan Fletcher has helped me opened many doors which I have always knew existed but was hesitant to open. Thank God I Did! otherwise, I wouldn’t be talking with you right now.
I look forward to your perspective 🙂

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