The New Beginning – Stories Of One Man & His Journey

You are about to embark on a journey with me into a world I have never known. To a place where everyone is open and the bars of society have been removed. To a place where everyone is free to make their own judgments, their own choices, their own definition of FREEdom. On this journey you will learn about a man who strives to be different and make a difference in the lives of those he has the honor of serving and calling “Friend.”

You will read of stories from my life’s journey and how I have been impacted by those who cross my path. You will get a true understanding of my character, my mission in life and my dreams. Why?  I believe telling stories is the key to learning and understanding one’s self. It is the key to opening doors for others around you allowing them access to a place you would otherwise hold secret. Stories are the key to creating a connection with You.

In this day and age of technology, rapid change and never ending floods of data. Humans, You & Me, struggle to slow down, look around, take a deep breath and embrace the moment. So many of us don’t take time to realize just how lucky we are. Just how many life experiences we have had which shaped us into the person we are today. We see our Parents, now grandparents when they look at our children with that 1,000 mile stare…. It is at that moment I realize just how precious life is. That is the moment of reflection. When 50,60,70,80,90 or even 100 years of life experience is being remembered in an instant.  These are the vary same moments I want to capture and write about for You.

In these moments I realize life’s lessons. I move one step closer to understand the “why?” in the “what.” I gain focus on what matters. For me, what matters most is family, friends and creating everlasting relationships with those around me who love and care for me as I do them. These kinds of pure relationships are hard to find and most, only have a few they can truly depend on. I always ask myself “Why is that?” what has happened in our human evolution which has brought us to a place of such distrust, such selfishness. Why do we not treat others as we want to be treated. The answer.. Starts with You.  Each and everyone of us needs to self reflect on the actions we take towards others. Each one of us needs to capture the moments when self  interest meets moral integrity. Each one of us needs to decide to be different. It is at that moment you are one person making a difference in the world. It is at that instant you just changed the course of human evolution for the better.

In your hands you read my first step to a new and different me. To a son, brother, husband and father focused on his journey to tell stories “You” will find revealing and open. Stories where you will have the freedom to judge. Stories which will tell of a man striving to be different and make a difference in peoples lives.

I Thank You For Taking This Journey With Me 🙂

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