We Did It – JDRF Fundraiser Article

We Did It….!!!!

$10,000+ Raised in 30 days

This was one of the most fulfilling moments of our life. Having a daughter who struggles with T1D and seeing all the support we got from friends, family and people we don’t even know…. Thank YOu, Thank you, THANK YOU!


Everyday our family kept looking at our JDRF fundraising page to see if we were going to make it. Everyday we saw people giving, people making a difference and people showing their support for a cause that impacts millions of families all across America and the world!

The JDRF One|Walk:  On the morning of our JDRF One|Walk Shanley yelled from her bed, “Is today my day?” Everyone in the Murphy family hollered back, “Yes, it’s your day Shay!”

Like every morning we woke up and immediately checked Shanley’s blood sugar by pricking her finger to make sure her blood sugar is in an acceptable range. This is the key to keeping Shanley healthy. Then Shanley jumped out of bed and ran to the T.V. for her favorite show; Team Umizoomi.

On our way to the Mall of America for the walk, Shanley started getting really excited. How do you know? Well, she starts talking a mile a minute. Asking questions about who will be there, do I get my own dark blue shirt showing everyone I am special, hey Dad, “Do you have the big check to show everyone how good we did?” on and on…..until we got out of the car.

As we enter the MOA we are greeted by JDRF volunteers who, at 7am sharp, have big smiles on their faces and ask us, “Who’s the special one?” Shanley says, “ME!!” and one of the ladies gives her a big hug. OK, well you guys need to go over to the room around the corner where you can gather with some of the other families. So, we make our way to the room to find hundreds of people gathered. Shanley asks, “What is this?” we tell her these are all the families who have special boys and girls just like you with Type One Diabetes (T1D). So she looks around trying to find all of the other children with their special dark blue shirts on. She noticed one boy in particular, our neighbor, Nathan, who she runs to and gives a big hug 🙂

After talking with families, taking pictures and getting some drinks for the walk, we make our way to the location in MOA where we are meeting all of the supporters walking with TEAM SUGAR SHAY. To our surprise most of the team was at our designated meeting spot early to greet us with big smiles. What a great feeling to know so many people like her teachers: Ms. Cassy & Krishna from Ramalynn Academy, her friends: Alli, Adriana, Rohinii, Ashvinii, Ava, Elle, Grace, Henry, Alexander, Allison, Shawn, Nick and Lilly, our friends: Brock & Sarah Rice, Yogi and Heather Yohendran, Jamie and Ali Lockhart, Charlie and Louise Hall, Dave and Sarah Wheeler, Gary and Sue Houghton, family: Dan Murphy, Jeanne Murphy, Ron & Betty Weinke, Derek Weinke, and wonderful friends from work Diana Pedersen, Carrie Guarrero & her family (who left their home at 5:30am to drive an hour just for our walk) and Shelly Brekke, care and support us.  As the horn blew to signify the start of our walk, Shanley ran to Mom and said, “I am the leader right?  I want to be in front.” Mom said, “Of course Shanley, everyone would want you leading us, you’re the boss!”  So, Shanley ran to the front of the line where she walked as fast as her little feet could move with her big sister, Ireland, and her friends linked arm in arm. Marching, singing and smiles from ear to ear.

The walk is one hour long which is several laps around the Mall Of America. As you can imagine, this is a good workout, especially for the kiddos. After a few laps Shanley starts to drag…”Mom, I don’t feel so good.” Mom runs up to Shanley to check on her pump to make sure everything is in order. Unfortunately with all the walking Shanley’s numbers are low…no need to fret until Mom checked her blood sugar and found out her number is 40 — 30 points below the safe level of 70. Shanley’s face starts to turn white, her legs become weak, her eyes begin to feel really heavy and she has no strength to do anything. This is what we call a “LOW” in the world of T1D. Everyone gathers around Shanley as we check her numbers and give her a few sugar tablets to get her numbers up past 70 as fast as possible. The danger of a “LOW” is Shanley passing out, having seizures or even falling into a diabetic coma if the “LOW” blood sugar is not treated.  A “LOW” just like a “HIGH” is very hard on Shanley’s body and these are the two things diabetics battle all day, everyday.  We told all of the kids gathered around Shanley asking, “What is that?” “What are you giving her” “Is she alright” that “Yes” she will be just fine (however, in the back of our minds we are not 100% sure). Shanley is experiencing a “LOW” from all of the exercise of walking and burning calories. We then told the kids this is why we are giving her a sugar tablet to get her numbers up so she will be alright and can get back to walking with them after she takes a little break. The look of relief on all of the children and parents’ faces was shocking. We looked at each other and said, “What an impact that just made. Each one of them just got a glimpse into a typical day in the life of parents with a type one diabetic child.” Did we want that to happen? NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS! But, was it good for kids and parents to see the reality of T1D? 100% YES!  Experiencing this struggle is what will impact people. Motivating them to make a difference and help us change the lives of Millions fighting the fight, struggling with a disease that has no cure and doesn’t go away.

“Wheew, what a walk” Sarah says. “Let’s head down to the first level where we can check out some of the fun after walk activities for the kids.”  So, we made our way to the lower level and gathered around that big stage for words of encouragement and to find out how much money was raised for the cause.  When you looked around you saw thousands of people in their team colors cheering for the fight. There was a speaker who is an ABC news anchor telling us his family’s story about how they found out their child has type 1 diabetes. Like their story, ours was very similar. Then you heard him CHEER!  We will fight this fight! We will win this battle!!  We will find a cure! 🙂

Then he said, “Now it’s time to find out how much money was raised…. Are you ready?”


“Kids like me are just as good as all the others right dad? Yep, you can do anything you set your mind to little one. Great!! I’m going to be a doctor” – The dream of our little girl with T1D




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