A Great Man Teaching Life Lessons

I find it fascinating how Elon crafts his story with this writer. As an icon in the world of innovation and fortune. He speaks to the simple people of this world through pain and tragedy. He touches on true human emotion by telling his personal stories and sharing his personal feelings… If all is true, he is a polarized man. One of great fortune when it comes to changing the world, money and fame. While on the other hand one of great sorrow and pain when it comes to family and self.

Like a true superhero, he knows no middle ground. like so many of us he works in the polars. The north pole being his extreme successes and the south pole being his inability to nurture emotional intelligence… never allowing him to connect.

The more I read and study amazing people doing amazing things the more I see polarization. The more I see clear strength and weakness.

The question I keep asking… Does it take your father hating you, beating you (mentally or physically), does it take great loss (loss of parents, loss of wife, loss of children), great pain (the feeling of being alone, lack of self worth, not fitting in) to break the mold. Pushing our human spirit & psyche to a level so great it is forced to decide between good and evil. Like Elon and his father?

Once the choice is made each walks their path.

While Elon is saving the world… is he destroying it at the same time because his own kids with his amazing gifts, like he–with his father’s gifts, despise him. Maybe even hate him for the life he has given them. Just like him they are alone. With a broken father who does nothing but work to save the world while all along neglecting his own children the love, belonging and acceptance he himself strives for.

His children scorned by a great man. Who chooses to do good for the world.

What if, like their grandfather, they choose to do evil.

It’s in these moments I find myself contemplating the thought of true victory or legacy; so many aspire to.

Does it lie in the simple human, sitting on a hill, with a herd of cattle. Wise because their herd can feed them, their herd can lead them and their herd can inspire them.

One with great wealth because all are in need of what they have.

Alongside them, is their family. One of strength and character. Children who tend to the herd. A spouse who tends to their significant other. A simple human, who sacrifices everything for their family first, their fellow human second and their personal victories last.

Because they know, when they leave this world with a well guided child and a strong herd. They have changed the world in a positive way forever.

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