Murph, “Why The Edina and Southwest Minneapolis Local Advice Givers Podcast?”

Edina-SW Mpls Advice Givers® podcast is an entire media company, in the first place. Let me start by stating the obvious. Media companies today aren’t about serving the local community. Minneapolis or St. Paul. Their only interest (and mission) is to generate advertising revenue, and pulling national stories from the Associated Press.

We, Edina-SW Mpls Advice Givers®, are here to help break that mold. It used to be that you could visit a media company’s website, or read their publication, and find stories about local entrepreneurs. Business people and leaders in the community, striving to build interesting things, solve problems and make impact.

When you read these stories, you were inspired. “If he or she can do it, why can’t I?” Further, you often knew the people that were featured. Maybe it’s a parent of your kids’ friend, at the local school. Or a young entrepreneur who invented a gadget, solving a painful problem. Or a service provider, like a financial planner or local chiropractor, helping individuals, families, and retirees to live better lives.

Now though, you open that publication, and it doesn’t matter which it is, only to find more ads. In the famous words of Dave Thomas, Wendy’s founder, “Where’s the beef?” And the stories that are published, aren’t even about the people in our local community, city or county. They’re from someplace we’ve never heard of.

Then there is the issue of content.

What has happened to the art of great storytelling? Where did the human element go? Good stories begin with great characters. Great characters begin with good people. And when you find those good people, it’s their good intentions which can be trusted to solve the real problems. But where has that advice gone?

Now, you just see “click bait.” An Internet term used to describe sensationalized headlines. You only read about murders, child molesters and all the bad things happening around us. The motto of media companies today: “Anything to promote controversy. Stir up anger. Or inspire fear.” Those are the emotions media companies of today prey on. And why has journalism become so horrible? Where has pride gone in the quality of their coverage?

When did journalism stop being investigative?

At one time, the sole purpose of the media was to effectively vet truth from fiction. Separate lies from fact. We use to be able to count on the media. They were our advocates. We could trust them. Now though, the media serves as little more than a shill for companies, or political parties, with the most ad dollars.

Fed-up and frustrated, that’s why I launched Edina-SW Mpls Advice Givers®—getting back to the roots of effective local journalism and the lost art of storytelling.

As you know, our up and coming magazine, in tandem with the podcast is committed to spotlighting local business owners, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders, to bring the best advice to the folks of Edina & SW Minneapolis, from our community’s brightest minds. The articles, they’re written by real journalists. Telling real stories. Spotlighting good people, with strong character, from right here in our own backyard.

Throughout this media company, which I hope is evident, my mission-purpose and sole driving factor, is in creating a movement of Impact. Quite simply, I want to grow and strengthen the Chain of Inspiration.

That is to say, just like adding chain-link to a chain when making it longer, one person, through their actions, through their story, through the demonstration of their character, inspires another. Creating a Chain of Inspiration.

One way we can do this together, is by telling better stories… then distributing the message of business owners and entrepreneurs in our community, that are solving problems. This, will not only helps to grow local businesses, but it puts those with a problem, in touch with the people who can solve it.

Take for example, Susan Robinson‘s business. A “For Profit” business dedicated to helping kids in the foster care system. Like “Toms Shoes” TOMS where they sell one shoe and give one away to someone who needs it. Susan, through Foster Art, puts on inspirational events for children to create art. A time and place for children to express themselves. In return, Susan takes this art and sells it. From the proceeds—she gives back to less fortunate children in the foster care system. Struggling to find the simplest of human needs like: Food, Clothing, A safe home, Education and most of all… Purpose.

It’s people like Susan who inspire you and me to change the world. To get out from behind the curtains and do something about the world around us. Why does Susan do this? Because like you and I she believes, “Anything Is Possible!”

One day… with the help of others Susan will change the lives of foster children by providing them a safe and healthy home. Where they will grow up knowing what it means to live life with purpose.


I need your help… “Who should I interview next?” Like Susan, who is someone you know—impacting their community in a significant way?

Are you that person, or if you know someone, please reach out or do me a favor and connect the two of us…

Together, I believe, we can change the world.

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