Buyer Case Study — Aaron, Niki, Austin & AJ Dwyer

Buyer Case Study — Aaron, Niki, Austin & AJ Dwyer

It’s was all worth it in the end

If someone said you would need to sell your home 3 times before you could actually move out… How would you respond?

If someone said the 2nd buyer on your home would back out of the transaction the day before closing… How would you feel?

If someone then reassured you everything would work out because they have been down this road many times before, would you believe them?

I wish we could say this was all just a make believe story and every time you sell a home it is smooth as silk. But, that would be a lie. Reality is, more often than not you will run into a bump or two or three along the way. There are so many moving parts when it comes to coordinating a full real estate transaction you can’t possibly imagine. This is why Aaron looked at me just before we listed the Dwyer family home and said, “Brother, I trust you. If you say it is going to go down like that I believe you. If you say we need to do this or do that, I will do it. I know you are always looking out for our best interests. That’s why we are working with you.”

To have a family trust in you this much is an honor I don’t take lightly. Aaron has been like a brother to me since we were in high school playing hockey together. The bond you create with a fellow teammate makes them like family. When they turn to you in a moment of need. A time in their life when they need your guidance to get them through the sale and purchase of their home. Your damn right I will step up and do whatever it takes to make their transition as smooth and stress free as possible.

We listed their townhome 2 days before the 4th of July. Now, this is not ideal as everyone who has ever sold a home will know. Aaron & Niki, like all you parents out there, were trying to squeeze as much time as they could into getting their home ready…. But, they didn’t quite get the home ready when they wanted to. I told them, “Life happens , kids and family come first then everything else. That’s why you have me. To help you focus on what needs to get done, cut through the clutter and prevent wasting time.” After we made a list of things to do I saw Aaron as motivated and move as fast as I have ever seen. “Murph, I will have this house ready in two weeks. Make sure you are ready.” Aaron said. In the back of my head I was like, “Sure Dwyer, I’ll bet it takes you 4–6 weeks.” However, in two weeks Aaron called me and said, “Buddy it’s all yours!!” I was shocked!! From that point I took over. Needless to say after the home was listed and all our marketing went LIVE we got an offer in 4 days. We actually had multiple offers. I will spare you all of the details but, let’s just say the Dwyer’s were not expecting that. One thing lead to another and we came to find out the buyer was not well qualified for financing. Then on the second offer… Well, that was going to be a contingent offer… Not really what you’re looking for after 4 days on market.

The home went back on market, showing, after showing, after showing….. I think they had 50 some showings before receiving a 2nd offer. Now, this deal was not the perfect buyer but, they needed to keep things moving as the Dwyer’s wanted to get into their new home before snow flies. After doing our homework, listening to all of the “What If’s” and “Just So You Know’” scenarios I could think of. Niki finally said, “Murph, I get it. But, I am not going to let this one pass us by. Let’s take the deal like we talked about and roll the dice. If it’s meant to be it will happen.” As instructed, that is just what I did. Scheduled to close in 30 days, everything was going smoothly. Then, 2 days before closing we get an email from the loan officer saying the buyer will not qualify for financing because of this or that. I was furious as we kept in touch with the loan officer tirelessly along the way. The loan officer reassuring us there were going to be zero issues getting this done. Come to find out the loan officer was related to the buyer. The buyer was a mother and her daughter both needing to qualify to purchase the Dwyer’s home… Again, I won’t boar you with the details but, after much debate and several strategy sessions with the Dwyer’s they ended up putting their townhome back on the market for a third time.

“Murph, is it true 3 times is a charm.” Niki said to me. “I hope so!” was my response. Before I could say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious we had our 3rd offer. Seriously, it was in less than 24hrs. These buyer’s were in love with the home, as they should be after everything the Dwyer’s did to follow our Documented Approach and prepare their. The buyer’s agent said, “My client’s don’t want to play games. They love your home and are expecting a new baby any minute. What will it take to get the deal done.” The Dwyer’s told Diana, “Tell them they need to meet the same terms as the last buyer who just walked away and we have a deal.” Diana went back, BING-BANG-BOOM “WE GOT A DEAL!” “I can’t tell you how much of a relief this is after the week I have had.” Niki said. All along, the Dwyer’s had been preparing to move into their new home we found in Lakeville on the pond. Knowing they almost had to pass on purchasing their dream home, if this 3rd offer didn’t come in, the Dwyer’s knew their new home was meant for them. I will never forget the look of relief on both Aaron & Niki’s face when we finally closed both homes that day…

It was a long hard fought road. but, like I said, buying and selling homes isn’t always a cake walk. Actually, more often than not there will be adversity. The question you must ask… Am I with the right person whom I trust and know will have my back? Will they have the skills and fortitude to fight through the adversity and get the job done for me. Knowing most agents are in survival mode, selling on average 8 homes per year, just eking out a living. Will they, no matter what, have my best interests in mind and NOT just be focused on getting paid.

Thank You! To my good friends Aaron & Niki Dwyer. It was a pleasure helping you sell your townhome and help you find the home of your dreams. 🙂

Knowing your old home was filled with memories and good friends I saw how hard it was to leave. I have a feeling you will create awesome memories at the new house, especially this winter and many winters to come on your pond.


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