Family First – Is there any other way?

I am so excited!!

My daughter Ireland is playing in the District 6, girls 10U — A Team, championship game this coming Thursday. In the last two games they have beaten not only the best two teams in our district, Edina Green & Edina White, but two of the best teams in the state for girls 10U — A hockey. There is nothing like being a parent and watching your children achieve their goals. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

The trick, this time of year is usually our busiest time of year when it comes to helping our clients win. As spring market is upon us families are getting the itch to make moves. That’s when they depend on our team to help them buy or sell their home… many times both. Like with my daughter Ireland. There is nothing like helping our clients achieve their goals. Making it all work is the trick.

Ben and Erica in the picture with me were no exception. On a quest to find their first home, timing was everything. Today’s market for purchasing homes is fierce. With very little supply and huge demand there is very little room for error. Many times our client’s are finding themselves in multiple offers looking to us for guidance. It’s moments like this Diana (concierge of our team) and I never take for granted. Because we work so hard to achieve them. It’s in these moment when our family values truly shine.

For me to make some of Ireland’s games this year Diana, my business partner, needed to help us get Ben & Erica into the homes they really wanted to see. Because timing is everything… It has to be fast. You know what they say, “Early bird gets the worm.” You see, this is the beauty of our relationship. Diana (who has worked with me for over four years) and I don’t treat what we do as a job. We believe each one of our client’s is like a family member. If one of our family members was in need we wouldn’t say, “I’m busy, I don’t work past 8pm, it’s Sunday.” No Way! That would be like me telling my daughter Ireland, “Sorry honey I can’t come to your Championship game. I have to work.” That would never happen. But, that’s the trick.

Without someone like my friend and co-worker Diana I wouldn’t be able to do that. And the same goes for Diana when she is in need. Because we view each other and each of our client’s like family. They always take top priority.

It seems so simply. But, when you observe others around you running their business… it never quite works out that way.

For Diana and I, we have been together four years. She can read my mind and I can read hers. With our Family First approach to serving our clients. It’s not about balancing family and work. It’s about treating our client’s like they are family.


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