Procrastination is the killer of fulfillment.

We all yearn to be more, do more and fulfill a higher purpose. This burning desire comes from a passion ignited in all of us. Your path to fulfillment is not obvious. It’s unlike the well light runway you find airplanes landing on. Nor is it as simple as waking up in the morning to brush your teeth.

Fulfillment, is an inner desire to be more, do more and leave a life knowing you made the most of it. Some define fulfillment as “Legacy.” Others define fulfillment as “Legend.” You see we all look at fulfillment differently, through a different perspective and influenced by different environments. This is what makes finding “it” so difficult and frustrating. You can feel it, you can envision it but you don’t quite know how to make “it” happen.

This is where procrastination ruins the path to fulfillment. Procrastination is like a child inside tugging at your attention. Wanting, needing, screaming for it. You know each child needs attention but, deep down inside that child must grow up and become self sufficient. The trick to caring for procrastination lies in your ability to accept it like you do your children. Identify and relate, aim to educate and empower. only then will procrastination become independent. Once you have created an independence from your procrastinations the door to fulfillment will open.

I promise you – walking the path of fulfillment is well worth the discipline and sacrifice it will take to become independent of procrastination.


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