Marleen — a person who follows her heart

“You Remind Me Of My Grandson”

Marleen — a person who follows her heart

8 years ago today I walked into the home of a wise women by the name of Marleen. Sitting at a small round table just big enough for 3 with her friend, male companion, or as she like to call him, “My boyfriend!” chuckling (keep in mind she was in her late 70’s at this time. So, I couldn’t help but laugh). I wasn’t but 3 steps in the door when she walked up to me and gave me a BIG hug. At 6 foot 1 I was much taller than this little petite grandmother who maybe stood 5 foot 2. After reciving such a warm welcome she looked up at me and said, “Tim, you know why I asked you to sell my home?” I responded, “No, but that was going to be my first questions since I don’t know you.” “Honey, you remind me so much of my Grandson. Tall, handsome and I just knew by the look on your face (on that yard sign, for the home I was selling down the street with another nice lady in her 70’s) you would take good care of me.” Marleen said with the sweetest look of sincerity and kindness on her face.

It is hard to do anything but want to love a person like Marleen. She was my perfect client. It’s times like these, as your sitting down with someone who has never met you but, gives you all the trust in the world. Times like these are why I love helping people. This is what it’s all about.

As I am sitting down and walking her through the process of selling her home and all of the things I can do for her she says, “Tim, do you know how many homes I have sold in my time?” “Why no.” I responded. “I have moved 12 times in my life. 12 different homes. When you have moved as much as I have you know a thing our two about it. Even if it’s been several years since my last move. So, my point is son… you don’t need to give me this dog and pony show. I wouldn’t have called you if I didn’t think you were the right guy for the job.” I was in shock! Most people are worried about cutting my commission, how am I going to get them top dollar, what kind of marketing will you do, how can you help me, what will I get…. the list goes on.

Marleen, she was different. Maybe it was the over 70 years of life which gave her perspective. Maybe it was the fact she learned to follow her gut. Or, maybe she knew what was most important in her life… and at her age the “How” and “What” were not as important as her “Why.” As a young man I always had a knack for looking deep into situations like these. My father always said, “Respect your elders son. If you’re smart — listen close. They have knowledge that will take you places.”

One think lead to another, I got Marleen’s home on the market and wouldn’t you think someone was sitting outside the door days later with an offer in their hand. The agent said to me, “We have been waiting for one of these townhomes to pop up for over 1 year. This community is amazing!” Being the “Grandson” I made sure Marleen got the most out of her home. Knowing she was moving into a 65+ condo community and knowing she needed as much money as she could get. Next thing you know I am calling Marleen to tell her she got over asking price and we close in 30 days. Her response was nothing short of amazing. “Tim, you see son… I knew you were my gardian angel. The one who would take care of me. I knew you had my best interest in mind and would get me what my home is worth. You will always be my guy.”

After hearing words like this, which everyone enjoys, I was on cloud 9. The feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment was overwhelming. You can make all the money in the world but it will never amount to the feeling of helping someone who really needed it and was so appreciateive. I realized after working with Marleen, It wasn’t the sale of her home that mattered, it was how I made her feel.

So who did Marleen call 7 years later when she needed to move again. That kid who looked like her grandson and made her feel loved.

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