Relationships… Are Everything.

I was listening to Jordan Harbinger’s interview on the “Self Made Man” podcast today when he said, “I lost may job and my business. When it happened… It felt like I lost everything.”

You see, Jordan hosted the podcast “Art Of Charm” which received over 4 million downloads a month. Over the last 10 years he grew his podcast from 0 to 4 million downloads a month. No easy task. Like most entrepreneurs we get lost in the grind and day to day checklists that need to be completed. Doing everything in our power to keep the ship moving forward. Sometimes losing focus of the relationships we build along the way. In Jordan’s podcast on “Self Made Man” today… He talks about how reality slapped him in the face.

Feeling down on his luck, stressed about how he is going to fight to get his business back and furious about how someone could have taken everything from him… I mean it was his business!! It was his show! It was all about Jordan and his connection with the audience. How could anyone take that away!!!

That’s the point.

Jordan had every right to feel furious about what happened to him. He had every right to feel like his baby, the company he build from the ground up, was taken from him. But, as he gained his composure. Doug deep into his soul. he realized something very few of us do. It was not worth fighting for the business, the name, the intellectual property, the brand….


Because he had already won. Jordan was the business, he was the brand and he won the relationship with each and everyone of those 4 million people who listened to his show every month.


He had the relationship with his audience. They know what he is thinking. They know how he feels about situations… sometimes even before Jordan does. It’s in his relationship with his audience that Jordan built a business. The business didn’t build his relationships. This is what Jordan preaches about in this podcast episode and it is so very true in life.

Reflecting on Jordan’s experience makes me appreciate each and every one of you who follows my journey. Along the way I have had victories and defeats. I have faced challenges and overcome adversities. Most of you who read my stories know… I can’t spell to save my life 🙂 Still, every day I choose to share my story. Because there is nothing more important to me than building an authentic relationship with you. It’s who I am.

Like today, I’m so thankful for my good friends Scott Mack and Jamie Mack who have supported me over the years. Because of them I have the chance to work with awesome people like Shawn Snyder & Abby Snyder who will be closing on the sale of their existing home and getting keys to their new home in Lakeville today. There is not better feeling than helping awesome people make one of life’s biggest transitions… Moving from one home to the next.

That’s not all. Since I was a kid I have known the Skogstad family. Big Jim “Dad” coached me when I was just learning to play ball. I grew up playing sports with his son Matt. Over the years my relationship gave me a chance to get to know the whole Skogstad family. Through this life long relationship with the Skogstads: Jim & Lorrie, Mark Skogstad, Robin Dayneko and Stephanie Sigrid Zaiser have all chosen to trust in me when it comes to their real estate needs.

Today, I’m so thankful and happy for Robin Dayneko & Jacob Dayneko who are finally getting a chance to settle down as we close on the purchase of their new home. Since moving back from California a year or so ago… They have been looking for the perfect place to hang their heart. Wouldn’t you guess it’s back in Apple Valley where Robin grew up.

Then you have the boys. A group of guys I get to play men’s hockey with during the winter. These fella’s keep me feeling young and help me remember the times when I grew up in a locker room where relationships were sewn together by the threads of competition and a fire to win. I still have that drive in me today. I guess that’s why I love getting out on the ice with these guys.

My boy Chris Goslee, who is a sniper on the rink and a young pup to match. Reached out to me, not so long ago and said, “Yo Murph, I know you have helped a few of the fells we skate with… Think you can help me?” “Damn Straight!!” was my response.

The only thing that sucked. He was moving to Canada…. Hahaha! Well I guess Isanti, MN isn’t Canada… But, it sure feels like it. Today, is the day when Chris finally closes on his first home. Goslee we are going to miss you on the ice sniper. I hope you can make some guest appearances next season brother.

It’s in each one of these relationships I find so many reasons to be thankful. I know none of you have to work with me and my team.

However, each one of you chooses to.

Thank you my friends.

Your relationship means everything to me.

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