a “Heart” as big as the moon

From the very first day I met her until today Diana has shown me a “Heart” as big as the moon. I’ll never forget that day I called her to say she is hired onto Metropolitan Home Team as our Office Manager. I uttered the words, “I think you are going to be perfect for this job. I would love to have you on our team.” from that very moment I felt what it was like to be in Diana’s presence. The line went silent, I heard a deep breath on the other side… “Tim Murphy I am so thankful to you for giving me this opportunity. I will not let you down.” Diana said just as she couldn’t hold it back any longer. I could hear and feel A sniffle, another deep breath and a soft sense of relief on the other side. This is the first time I felt her heart and there would be many more times to come in the next 3 years.

As we have grown to know each other over these last 3 years Diana has been a sounding board for many of my good and not so good days. Many days Diana and I will joke about life, work or family. There are even times when we are laughing so damn loud you will hear doors slam in the office… telling us we are being too loud. It’s times like this we both look at each other as say, “Life is too short not to have a little fun.” Diana has been a guide when my Alpha personality wants to take over but, the situation calls for a softer touch. She has been the magic in our office when it comes to caring for our client’s like she does her own two children. You see, Diana is a single mom trying to make ends meet. Like all of us… life has thrown her some curve balls and tested her vigor as a wife, mother and friend.

Diana, has been open and kind listening and reading about the stories I tell. She has put herself in my shoes and can relate with the adversities that sometimes bring me to my knees. She was there when I found out my daughter Shay had type one diabetes, She was there when I lost a good friend and she was there when I needed a trusting person to talk with.

Diana, I thank god everyday you show up to work Monday “On Time” and message me, “Tim I am ready when you are.” Because, not only do those words mean you are ready to “Fight the Fight” for our business but, most of all… What it means to me — you are someone I can trust, I can depend on and I can look to as a rock when I feel everything is crumbling around me.

For this I cannot thank you enough. Stay strong, show others your “Heart” for if they are lucky enough to see it — they will know it is a rare site indeed.

Thank You For Everything You have Done For Me, My Family & Our Client’s

I Couldn’t Do This Without You!! 🙂

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