A Fork In The Road - 2019

The direction of my life is evolving…

As many of you who have followed my story know. I have had my real estate license since 2003. Ever since, I have been on a mission to become a real estate investor. Each and every decision I’ve made, from 2002 forward, stemmed from my goal of becoming a real estate investor who would one day build a beautiful property in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Minneapolis.

How I was going to get there… I had no clue.

My second goal, one I set for myself 5 years ago. “Create a self-image worth fighting for. Allowing me to achieve my goals and reach my untapped potential. Because I’m driven to inspire! To inspire through giving, caring, honesty, loyalty and as a Guardian of good.”

This came from a place I could have never gone if it was not for my daughter Shay. The day she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes it change my life forever. I was given the choice to become a fighter or to hide from a disease that is out to destroy her.

You all know the choice I made.

You have supported me, through TeamSugarShay.com, in a way I could have never dreamed of.

2019 has been an amazing year for me. I reached goals I never thought possible. I made my dreams come true.

Building the home at West49thStreet.com was a dream come true for me.

Raising $30,000 this year for TeamSugarShay.com and over $83,000 in the last 5 years is something I never thought possible. It has blown my mind. It has brought a whole new perspective to my life. One I never saw coming.

It’s because of these two accomplishments. I have been pushed to think bigger and dream bigger.

For 45 days I haves struggled to find the right words…


Because, I was still trying to figure out what’s next. Where exactly am I going from here. How will I get there and what is it I am going after….

It’s times like these, when I look to the sky and ask, “What’s next?”

Knowing the answer will not come from above… but within… I am digging deep.

I see it like this, the higher power above… However you see it. Is not there to dream for us. It’s their to guide us on our path towards making our dreams come true. The hardest part is up to YOU!

How big are you going to dream.

How hard will you work to make your dream(s) come true.

From there, all you have to do is watch for signs.

Or what I like to call opportunities. Which are new doors that open.

When those doors open. It’s your job to pick which one(s) you walk through.

Over these last 45 days I have been doing just that. Dreaming big, committing to working hard and paying close attention to new opportunities that come my way. The hardest part, picking which door(s) I want to walk through.

Especially, when I know you can only focus on one mission. Not 6!!

Recently, I have had the chance to talk with several people I really respect. How do I know these conversations were so important. Because they asked to have them with me.


I believe it’s all part of the process. The process that helps me decide where I am going and why I want to go there.

You are probably saying, “Murph, get to the point! What are you doing next?”

Great Question!!

Through my journey I have come to realize one thing people want more than anything.

“To live life on their terms.”

To define a life worth living and walk a path which allows you to do just that.

I believe as our culture evolves, with the help of the internet, this is becoming more and more of a reality each and every day. It’s because of this belief, I want to make a positive impact towards helping people, just like you, make their “dream life” come true.

Over the last 15 years I have been able to do just that for myself.

I have a beautiful — happy family, a wonderful wife who gets to see me regularly and we work together on raising our family. I have financial freedom and wake up to do something I am passionate about every single day.

For me this is the most fulfilling thing in my life. The fact I am living life on my terms. Not someone else’s. I don’t have someone telling me how often I need to be away from my family. I don’t miss events I don’t want to. I take vacations when I choose to. Most of all… I am there for my wife. When she needs me most. I am there to raise my kids and experience their special moments. Moments parents never get back once they are gone.

A wise man once said, “The older you get son… The quicker time flies!”

When I was 12 years old I had no idea what that really meant.

Today, at the age of 41, as a parent of two children, I can appreciate this quote more than ever.

I don’t want to see my children grow up. Look back… And wish I could have been there or done more. All because I had someone else dictate when and where I needed to be so I could earn a living.

It’s because of this I am dedicating my next dream to helping others achieve what I have. A Balanced Life & Financial freedom, by living a Legendary Life & Value-Driven Investing.

It was my mission for the last 15 years.

You all know the story to well… Of a broke college kid who couldn’t work for anyone but himself. Because it was in my DNA to live life on my terms. Call it stubborn or call it smart. Either way, it’s what I believe.

I believe you can live life on your terms. No matter what!

It’s just a matter of finding your path, walking it and never quitting.

I will never tell you it isn’t scary, hard work and frustrating.

You will have moments when you want to quit. You will doubt you’re on the right path or if you can make it to the end.

Just know, everyone who has ever reached their dreams have felt the same way along their journey. This is normal. It’s part of the process.

It’s not for everyone.

But, if it’s for you.

I will be here to help guide you on your journey.

All I ask. You never quit believing in yourself.


I’m on a mission to lead a community of like minded people.

The kind of people who want to make a positive impact on the world. The kind who are willing to sacrifice blood, sweat and tears to do it. The kind who put their family first and their dreams right next to it.

I have found neither your family nor your dreams need to take second place.

They can both be in first.

But, you can only do this through authentic communication with your community, significant other and your children. Help them understand your mission and work around their needs.

For me, this has meant getting up early. Like 4:30am early. Working late, like 11:00pm late. Sure, I only get 6 hours of sleep. But, I don’t care. Because the work I’m doing ignites me. It drives me!! The passion and energy I get from doing what I love. Living life on my terms. That’s the kind of energy I want keeping you up at night. Making you toss and turn in bed. The kind of energy that puts a smile on your face, makes people want to be around you and makes you feel alive. The kind that keeps you going when everyone else is asleep.

Sleeping because they aren’t passionate about their path. They want to do as little work as possible and find every excuse to check out. “I’m tired, I’m sick, I’m board, I’m frustrated, I’m leaving.” Are all things people say when they have no interest in doing what they are doing. When people are living life on someone else’s terms… Not their own.

Are you with me!!!

If you are, then keep your eyes open. Things are going to change.

A Spartan community is going to rise from the ashes.

In doing so… Each Spartan will leave a legend they are proud of.

In the future I will be talking about how I see the world as a family man, entrepreneur, investor and advocate for living life on your terms. The kind of terms Legends are built on.

I’m going to share my experiences as a tool to help guide you on your journey towards building the life you have always dreamed of. In hopes one day you will take the first step in that direction.

Then, when you have earned it, in 15 years… Or less. You will reach your dreams and look into the mirror, like I have these last 45 days realizing, “I need to think bigger. Dream Bigger!!”

I need to make a bigger impact on the lives of people who can and will make a difference.

Because I’m not interested in average people who settle for average results. I’m a conscious capitalist who seeks dreamers, determination and fortitude for those he surrounds himself with.

Together we will #ChangeTheWorld

P.S. It is a long road. I know my new dream will take years to develop and a lifetime to execute. Stick with me. We are going on one hell of a ride!!

#MurphsLegend #Believe #Freedom


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