We are connected…

Relationships develop from connections we had in the past

My daughter Shay is suffering from anxiety. We don’t know why and the most stressful thing… We don’t know how to fix it.

The other day I brought Shay into my office. She was walking around attached right at my hip. You can feel the tension and uncomfortable energy she gives off when in a place she is not familiar.

Diana, on my Team noticed this while we were in the office.

After I brought shay home and came back to the office that day Diana came in my office and said, “Tim, what is going on with Shay? I can tell she is very close to you and was uncomfortable in the office and around me… She was never like that before.”

Diana was right. Her sixth sense told her Shay was feeling anxious about me being too far from her. Leaving her.

This all started about one year ago. Sarah, my wife, brought her to school and showed up a little late to pick her up that day. Nothing that didn’t happen before. Well, when she walked into school to pick her up that day Shay was crying and gasping for air uncontrollably. She was having a panic attack. She thought, “Mom is not coming to get me. She is leaving me.”

Now we all know, Sarah would be the last person in the world to ever leave her child or let them down. But, for some reason Shay feels like Sarah is going to leave her. Or I am going to leave her.

All year this year she has been very protective about when she gets picked up, “Don’t be late!!” Shay will always say.

Or when one of us has her and we are in unfamiliar areas. Like my office, at a shopping center, especially with people she doesn’t know…

Well, the other day when Diana sensed this and came in my office. She said, “Ok, this is going to sound weird. But, I know you are open minded and it could help.”

You’re damn right I am open minded when it comes to helping my little girl. “What, what are you going to tell me?” I ask Diana as if to not let her leave the room without sharing her thoughts.

“Well, my sister does energy work. She has a strong ability to read and feel energy. Don’t ask me how! But, I have been around her my entire life and I can tell you it is true.” Diana said.

“Ok…. Ok… Tell me more! How can she help Shay?” I said with excitement and reluctance in my voice.

“My sister will be able to sense her energy and clear any attachments Shay may be having.” Diana said.

“Attachments, what do you mean!” I replied

“Attachments are spirits who cling on to you during times of weakness and vulnerability. like when you are depressed, under the influence and especially when you are really scared of something.” Diana said.

“Wait a minute!!! You are telling me spirits from people who passed will attach themselves to us humans who are still alive and walking the earth?” I asked. Because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind.

“Yes!” Diana said.

She then went on to tell me stories about how she has seen her sister “Clear attachments” and how the clearing helps the human on earth see their light and get back to being “Their best self.”

Have I blown your mind yet?

Just wait I have more!!

Then Diana proceeds to say to me, “Your children pick you.”

“STOP! What!!” I yelled out.

“Yep, your children pick you before they enter the world as your physical child.” Diana says…

“Let me get this straight. Your children, in the spirit world (I know this is deep) hand pick their parent and their soul enters into that “Human” (baby), which then becomes your actual human child. Am I following you?” I responded.

“Exactly!!” Diana shouted.

“Why!!?” I asked with intensity

“Because you will deliver a life lesson they need from you.” Diana said.

“Tim, for my son James. That life lesson was unconditional love.” Diana told me.

“If it wasn’t for my sister I would have never known that. I couldn’t see it. It was so simple. But, at the same time so complicated.” Diana said with tears in her eyes. Diana’s energy was so strong in this moment I could feel it.

“WOW! Wow! wow!!! That is deep Diana” I responded with my hands pulling the hair back on my head, a deep breath and a sigh the whole building could feel.

“Yeah Murph, you are here to teach your daughter a life lesson only you can.” Dian said with a smile on her face and love in her heart.

“So do you want to know how my sister can help Shay?” Diana asked?

Open Your Mind…

My sister can help, If you let her… by getting into Shay’s energy field and determining if there is an attachment or something blocking Shays light. I have seen her do it with my niece. It made a positive changed her life.

“Ok, I am open to talking with her if you really think it will help. Honestly, I can’t stand seeing Shay like this.” I told Diana.

“Great, I will have her message you and you two can talk.” Diana responded.

So, later that day… That’s just what happened.

Now, think about this. I believe in energy. I believe we all give off positive or negative energy and I believe whether you believe it or not everyone around you can sense the energy you deliver them.

I also believe, I was put on this earth for a reason. It is my job to live my life’s journey and discover what that purpose is. Because just like I am supposed to teach my children a life lesson. This life I am living will teach me a lesson I can take on into my next life (I believe this in my soul, but I didn’t know it was actually real).

I also know people gravitate to me when they need strength. It has been something I’ve experienced ever since the age of 15. At the time… a specific situation happened in my life which made this purpose very clear to me. I am to be strong when those who need me most, at a specific moment in time, are weak and vulnerable… Looking for help.

Trust me, I know you may think I am off my rocker. But, I promise you this is real. If you are capable of being self-aware enough about your purpose. You will experience this same ability to find and identify your purpose.

Purpose = the one thing you are meant to do for others in your lifetime. Your superpower.

Knowing myself like this… I was excited to talk with Diana’s sister Beth. Because I knew I would connect with her. I knew she would feel my energy and confirm what I already knew to be true.

So I made the call….

“Hi Beth, this is Tim. I appreciate you taking time to talk with me. I want you to know I believe in energy. Maybe not the same way you do… but on my level… I know it exists. Let me tell you a little bit about what is going on with Shay.” I continued telling her Shay’s story.

After 20 or 30 minutes of us talking about Shay I went off on a tangent about me. I wanted to tell her how I feel and what I thought my purpose was on this earth. I wanted confirmation from her that, “I was right” about why people gravitate to me.

“Tim, you are a rare breed. We need more men like you in this world. Men with strength, integrity, fortitude and compassion for those he surrounds himself with.” Beth said to me.

To be 100% honest with you. I don’t ever take compliments well. That is a scar I carry with me from this life. It is one of the reasons I am sharing this with you now. I am battling this demon.

I am actually feeling anxiety after writing that quote from Beth.

Why, because I don’t want people to judge me as arrogant, cocky or better than them.

In reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth. “My people” know that.

But, the people who don’t know me… Well, those are words I have heard from them my entire life and they pierce my armor.

Am I 100% confident in who I am and what I can do… YES!

Do I have an opinion and willing to voice it… YES!

Do I believe I am perfect or better than anyone… NO!

When Beth confirmed what I already knew. It gave me the strength to write this today.


Because I want to be someone you can depend on when you are feeling weakness, insecurity, doubt or scared.

“Beth, do I have an attachment that I might have passed on to Shay?” I asked

“No, the confidence you have in yourself doesn’t allow for an attachment. Tim, I can feel your positive energy. People need you.” Beth said


Tune In…

Have you been following my story…. If you have REWIND.

Let’s go back to just after Diana came in my office and approached me about Shay. Just after she told me her sister could help.

Next, she told me about how I helped her.

Diana has struggled with people in her life suffering from addiction. So do I.

We have both had loved ones who battled addictions like alcohol and drugs. We have both seen loved ones go to a dark place very few ever come back from. For me, I went there and was able to help my loved one break the habit and resurrect their life.


By letting go.

The hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

But, because I love him so much. More than he will ever know. I had to do the hardest thing in my life.

Let Go.

Because I had no control. What I was doing by enabling… Was causing significantly more damage than it was good.

When Diana first came into my life. She was where I had been.

Enabling an addict.

When I first heard her story about this loved one and her struggle… I knew at that very moment WHY she entered into my life.

Because my strength was going to help her do… what she may never have been able to without me.

Let Go.

For 5 years, Diana and I have fought together. Cried together. Won together.

Just the other day, one of the most defining moments in my life happened.

It was just after Diana talked with me about Shay…

Just as she was about to leave the room. Just after she told me about her sister and how our children pick their parents. Just after she said, “The universe brings people together… Who are supposed to be together.”

I said, “That’s why the universe brought me to you.”

She turned around. Shut the door and let me experience this.

“Tim, you are right and because of our relationship… (she leaned her head back, as if to look up at god. She closed her eyes. She extended her hands out just as if she was hanging on the cross. She then took a deep breath and said) I have been able to let go. I have given all of the unconditional love I can possibly give. I have done everything in my power to right a wrong. But, today I now know… It is out of my control. I must let go.” Diana whispered

With her eyes still shut and a silence in the room. I knew this was our moment. A defining moment between two people destined to make a positive impact on each other’s lives. I knew for me. My work was done. I believe Diana knows for her… Her work has just begun.

Still in the moment, Diana proceeded to take her hand and place it around her belly button as if to grab her umbilical cord. She then said, “I have removed my chakra cord from him. I am free.”

I cannot explain to you the feeling I had at that moment. It was surreal. Just like the moment I experience when I first received the news my father passed away when I was 28 years old.

The hairs on my arms, on the back of my neck… Chills all over my body and an overwhelming emotion came over me as Diana left the room.

All I could think to myself was, “I did my job. She is free and I am done.”

For some of you, when you read this you may think I’m crazy. I have lost my mind or I am just trying to get attention.

Ok, I can understand those emotional responses.

For others, you will believe.

You will believe I experienced a moment very few of us come to appreciate. A feeling and a purpose very few of us tune into.

Either because we don’t understand it.


Because we choose not to accept it.

For those of you like me. Who choose to TUNE IN and embrace our superpowers. Choose to use them for good. Choose to learn more about how we can TUNE IN and become stronger. So we can make an even bigger positive impact on people’s lives.

I challenge you.

TUNE IN to your soul, to your spirit and to your gut.

They will guide you to a place few have ever seen and even fewer have ever experienced.

A place where purpose is the currency.

And Fulfillment is the reward

For the SPARTANS out there who resonate with me and choose to join me in this journey.


For together, we will change the world.

#MurphsLegend #Spartan #Clarity

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