Life On Your Terms…

Is a life worth living.

How many times have you caught yourself wishing you were doing something different. Not because you are sick of doing the same thing day in and day out. But because you don’t feel like your leading your life’s purpose.

For all of us “Life On Our Terms” can mean something different.

For some it is about leading a non-profit that makes positive change in the world for those who need it most.

For others, it is inventing a new technology that saves people’s lives.

For me, it’s about helping people create a “Self-Image” worth fighting for. So they can stop surviving and start thriving.

No matter what your purpose is on earth. The most important thing is embracing it and moving in that direction.

When I think about someone who has embraced “Life On Your Terms.” I think about Jenna Colvin. Who is a close family member of mine and someone who doesn’t just believe in “Life On Your Terms” she actually lives it.

This week I have the honor of attending the RED TIE GALLA put on by Jenna and her team at FireFighters For Healing. If you have never heard of this non-profit and what they are doing to help families and their children who have been impacted as burn victims. Well, Now You Know!!

Check Out What They Are Doing:

Jenna is one of the leaders of this organization and responsible for putting on the RED TIE GALLA event. Tirelessly, Jenna has worked all year coordinating the location, gathering entertainment, putting together auction items, coordinating food and most off all attracting over 1,000 people to join her at this epic event.

My wife Sarah and I are lucky to be one of the many who will witness an amazing impact for a community very few of us know about. The community of children who have been scarred for life and searching to create their “Self-Image” worth fighting for.

Like this story about Arionna told by her Mom Jennifer:

If you are like me. Seeing a young child suffer from burns is gut wrenching. It’s hard to even imagine how, as a parent, you begin to support and build your child’s confidence back up.

That’s why, today, I am recognizing Jenna Colvin. One of the committed leaders of this movement. A mother and a fighter for these children.

Jenna, thank you for inspiring me and so many others by shedding light on a subject most of us would have never known about.

Most of all. Thank you for living “Life On Your Terms.”

Because without that. So many families like Jennifer and Arionna would have gotten lost.

Today, because of you and your teams hard work and dedication.

They are found!!!

Together we can help Arionna create her “Self-Image” worth fighting for.

Change A childs Life by Donating Today:

P.S. Give yourself permission to share this. Sharing is Caring.

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