Life Is full of 1’s & 0’s…

The rest is just your mind playing tricks on you.

I’ll never forget my first computer programming class in college at Eau Claire University.

COBOL (“common business-oriented language”)

Here is what it looked like: 10101010101010101010101010101

Say I wanted to spell “Hi”.

Here is what it looked like:

H = 01101000

I = 01101001

Now just think about that. I wrote one word with two letters.

That one word and two letters consisted of 16 digits.

What makes this process so painful….

If you get even one of those “01101001” digits incorrect. The code will not work. Your system won’t do anything. It’s DEAD.

Now imaging building Facebook!!!

Can you feel my pain.

Perfection was the game. There was no room for mistakes.

Make a mistake and you failed.

Plain and simple. My whole 4 year college life was about spending countless hours in a computer lab crunching code.

Pulling out my hair trying to figure out where the code was broken… So I could fix it and have a fully functioning system.

That made someone else’s life simpler.

Kind of like your favorite app on the iPhone.

What if, we lived our lives that way. Knowing we couldn’t move to the next phase until we had everything right in the phase before it.

Needless to say, I would have dropped out of becoming an MIS (Management Information Systems) Major if I had to do another second of COBOL. It was against my nature.


The COBOL code taught me a life changing lesson.

Even though the university removed COBOL from it curriculum. The principles still applied in Visual Basic.

However, the Visual Basic tools to build binary code were more my style.

My mind works visually. I think in pictures, shapes, spatial awareness and patterns.

So, giving me these kinds of tools to build something… Made computer programming fun again.

But, the binary rule still applied.

The switch is either ON or OFF.

Get the code wrong and you FAIL.

What if, we lived our life knowing the key to our Heroic Journey was putting together the perfect string of code. That code strung together would cause a light to go off in our head (intuition). As a result we would begin our next string of code to confirm our intuition. Upon doing so we would discover a pattern. From the pattern we could predict future lines of code.

Kind of like getting the edges of a puzzle put together and building off that.

Sure, we will make mistakes along the way. But, the goal is discovering intuition which, leads you to a pattern that ends up displaying your #Truth.

Isn’t that what we are all seeking?

Our #Truth.

The only problem. Your mind is playing tricks on you all along the way.

Instilling doubt, emotional reaction, fear, anger and jealousy.

What if, you removed those tricks from the equation. Knowing they weren’t intuition but DISTRACTION. The devil at work. Your Lesser-Self trying to bring you down… Make you fail.

What if, you only worked from a binary “101100111” point of view.

Action = Reaction

Cause = Effect

H = 01101000

All you focused on was test = result.

Based on each result you intuitively connect your lines of code.

Sound familiar….

We are all searching for purpose.

What we don’t know is how to find it.

I believe purpose is found in the binary journey.

Doubt, emotional reaction, fear, anger and jealousy.

They are DEAD to me.

The second I feel these emotions I resort back to my code. I Focus on the fundamentals and listen to my intuition.

All along, Stringing together the code… That is my life.

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