My “WHY”

The other day my mother-in-law asked me, “Why do you share and tell everyone so much about you.” as she shook her head and gave me a look of bewilderment.

I can understand her perspective. Coming from a generation where sharing your feelings, talking about your struggles and showing any form of weakness was frowned upon. How can I expect her to understand… It’s not her mind set.

Over the course of my life, major adversities has come my way. Just like they do for all of us in different forms during your life. When I was a star athlete in high school I had to have surgery on both my knees. This took away a clear path to Division One sports for me. But, it put a chip on my shoulder. Giving me the drive to be the best I could be at whatever it is I am doing in life. I don’t take anything for granted. Because it could be taken from me in an instant.

Alcoholism is something that runs rampant in my genes. This is an internal battle I face. Never letting it take me over… But, slipping to excessive drinking at times in my life, especially high school and college when the going got tuff. But, this internal struggle has shown me the power of positive thinking, conscious health and most of all willpower. Because focus and control over you and your surroundings drives one’s standards.

The death of my father at a tender age of 58. My motivator every day I wake up. The biggest reasons for everything I do in life. Think about it. If I die at the same age as my father…. I only have 18 years of life left on this earth. What am I going to do with my last 18 years!!

Try living your life waking up to that thought. It will change your perspective.

Infertility, both of my children were conceived by in vitro and artificial insemination. Because my wife and I struggled for years to get pregnant. The result, two beautiful girls who bring joy to my life each and every day. Our struggle gave me an enormous amount of gratitude for being given the gift of children and family. Without that struggle I may have taken it for granted.

Then, 4 years ago, life delivered me my biggest test of all. A test that will live with me every day of my life. A never ending struggle. Of the worst kind. One you have no control over. One you can only hope to contain but, will never overcome. One that affects your loved one… Not You.

My daughter’s fight against Type 1 Diabetes.

You see, I can handle never playing division one sports even though I had all the athletic talent in the world.

I have come to accept and control I am an extremist and the genes of addiction flow in my blood.

I have used my father’s death as an internal motivator. Driving me to live each and every day to its fullest.

I embraced infertility as another challenge my wife and I would overcome. A fight we fought together and won. Strengthening the bond between us.

All of these struggles I have endured. All of these struggles were challenges I personally had to overcome. Today, the struggle my daughter faces with Type 1 Diabetes is out of my control.

That Sucks!!

I would much rather God give me her Type 1 Diabetes. I can handle it. I can face that challenge and overcome it like I have all the other. But, he hasn’t. God choose to give my daughter this challenge. The biggest fight of her life. The question I now ask myself. “How am I going to inspire her to be the best version of herself. Despite having Type 1 Diabetes.”

So you ask, “Why do I share so much about myself on Facebook and Social media?”

Because I will never stop inspiring my little girls to be the best version of themself.

The best way I know how to do that… Is through my actions.

If, like my Dad, I am gone in 18 years. I hope my daughters will read my writings and learn my story. Because God has Raised The Stakes for me. He forced me to set a higher standard than I would have set for myself.

Believing in this. I live to grow. I strive to surround myself with others who inspire me to be the best version of Tim “Murph” Murphy.

For many, this is just another message they read and discard.

For one, it is a post I hope inspires them to change just one thing in a positive way today. One more thing tomorrow. One more thing each and every day of their life.

For if they live with a positive attitude, a desire to grow, a passion to preserver and most of all the confidence to be the best version of themselves.

Well, then I can handle those who may not understand WHY I do what I do.

To them I say, “Open Your Eyes. Look Around. Whose life can you change by sharing your story.”

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