My Home Didn’t Sell… Now What?

Question: I just took my home off the market because it didn’t sell. What can I do now to try to sell it again?

Answer: Sounds to me like you may NOT have avoided “Fundamental Mistake #5” in my book “The Value-Drive Approach To Sell Real Estate.” Cancer is not treated the same as a common cold. So treating them the same because someone didn’t take time to conduct the appropriate tests or to diagnose the proper treatment, results in disaster. Yes, as you now know this happens.

There is a saying in the medical community: Prescription without a diagnosis is malpractice. Yet, that is exactly how most real estate agents operate on behalf of their clients. Maybe you experienced it… The agent shows up at your home and upon arriving they conducts their sales pitch, using a flip chart or power point presentation. Maybe they sat at your table and the first thing they began to do was sell you on their “prescription” to sell your home, without first doing any kind of diagnosis to determine the best route of attack.

Ask yourself, “Is this what my doctor would do?” Probably not! They would make you fill out a 7 page questionnaire, listen to your heart, lungs, ask you to breath in, breath out, push on your abdomen. While doing this they would be asking you all sorts of questions. Base on your answers they may even refer you to a specialist for further testing like: X-ray, CT Scan and/or an MRI.

You see, I believe selling your home should not be treated any differently than that of being your doctor. You come to us for our expertise, knowledge and resources. Without conducting our tests and doing our research we will have no way to diagnose the best prescription for a successful sale. Unlike most real estate agents our team has conducted these tests and done our research for many years. We have created a loyal and trusting network of specialist who assist in the diagnosis of your home.

This is why a comprehensive diagnosis is so critical–not just to maximize your health with your doctor, but to maximize your investment, your profit, from your home sale. leading us into:

Fundamental Mistake #5
Not taking the time, either through foolishness or negligence, to diagnose “What Is” the proper route of attack.
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