Are you likeable? If not maybe you should start liking …

Today I was listening to a podcast and the guest was Dr. Robert Cialdini. He only sold something like 46 million copies of his book “Influence The Psychology of Persuasion.” So you might have heard of him.

In the podcast I was listening to him talked about a few of the psychological triggers social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many others use. Human triggers, Human instincts we tend to utilize without even knowing it. One of them being “Liking” on social media. It might be a thumbs up, a heart, a fist bump or whatever the symbol is.

What I found fascinating. This seems like common sense. We as humans know why Facebook put in a function for “Liking” other people’s posts. Because when we like their posts we build a stronger bond with that person on the other end. It is only human to build relationships with others we know, like and trust. That’s why I write you as often as I can. Because I feel safe with you. In return, for the safety you give me I want to give back to you. My way of giving back is by sharing my advice about life and business. It’s what I know.

What blew my mind. When Dr. Robert Cialdini talked about how people they called “Fakers” use “Liking” as a tool to manipulate you. Yeah, so instead of being like you and me… The guys who actually take time to read each other’s posts, engage in each other’s lives and support each other in the things we do. Dr. Cialdini talked about how those human instincts can be used against us. Just the thought of spending time trying to manipulate people in such a way makes me sick. Sure, I get it. People like “The Rock” who have 45 million followers on instagram can’t engage everyone… But, maybe everyone doesn’t expect them to. It’s not humanly possible. So, why fake it?

In the game of life I can tell you one thing I learned at an early age. Fakers always have a “tell.” Like in the game of poker… When you are playing a professional poker player. For the pro poker player it is more about reading your body language and the context of the situation… Than it’s ever about what cards are in your hand. Most of the time you don’t even know your own “tell.” The same holds true in the real world. If you are a fake. Sure, you may be able to fool us for a few years. Maybe even a decade. But, truth has a way of catching up to you. Like us, those authentic soles who know no other way than to live our lives “For Real.” we will sniff you “Fakers” out.

It just doesn’t pay to be fake.

Be real. Because when you are, in my mind, that is the definition of “Normal.” Plus, just being you is what people will “Like” most.

Speaking of being real. My good friend Carrie Guarrero is as real as it gets!

As a military mother, Carrie is a HUGE supporter of our veterans who lay their lives on the line for us every day. They are as real as it gets.

Carrie is dedicated to being there for veterans who have sacrificed everything for us, when they get back home. She does this through fundraisers such as the Walk, Run and Ride Sakatah Challenge which raises money to help veterans retuning home. She also helps by getting veterans VA mortgage financing for a new home they have earned. Please help me in supporting Carrie. She is as real as they get.

For more information you can listen to our podcast interview with her on

I believe at the end of the day we all have a “Real” voice in our head we can’t hide from. It’s just a matter of having the confidence to be unique and realizing each one of us is special in our own “Normal” way.

Thanks for letting me be “Real” with you. 🙂

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