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Create Positive Feedback Loops —

9:25am yesterday morning I received a text message. A buddy of mine who I have not heard from in a while. A successful entrepreneur who I enjoy talking with as we bounce ideas off each other and provide honest feedback for problems we are both trying to solve.

Knowing how busy we both are I completely understood why he never read my newsletter, until now. “Time” is a very precious asset we all must cherish and spend wisely. So, when I received this text from my friend the feeling was amazing. It stopped me in my tracks. I parked the car, shut off the engine and read his text message… not once, not twice but five times.

Every time I read the words I asked myself different questions:

Why did it take so long for him to open my letter… I’ve been sending them for 18 months?

What did he read in my letter that would motivate him to send me a text message?

Man I wish we could hook up more often and share more stories?

How is he doing?

I’m so glad I wrote that letter this month to reconnect with him.

Sitting back reading this message from a buddy of mine it gave me a chance to reflect on “The Power Of Words” an email I sent out a while back: http://www.timkmurphy.com/whats-on-my-mind/beliefs/are-they-just-words-on-paper-or-do-they-have-power/

As I was reflecting I took into account the emotions a simple little text message like this, from a buddy, made me feel. Like when you get 100+ people liking a message you post on Facebook. Like that instagram post you sent out and everybody loved it. Or the cheers you got at work for solving a big problem. A simple text message from a friend you respect acknowledging your authentic story you published. This feeling is addictive…

“Positive Feedback Loops are biological” I said to myself. The question is… Why are some more than others?

Then I thought, “If it’s biological, then we all desire them the same, it just comes down to who is willing to give. How will they give. What will they give. Why will they give.”

You see, what struck me was the genuine intent and authenticity of one’s message. Is this the true power. Is this what makes one “loop” more addictive than the other. What do we as humans seek when we search for story or share our story with the world.

Every morning I wake up to write. I write with a burning desire to open doors for those listening. To do so I pledge my authentic stories. Stories I pull from my daily life filled with joy, accomplishment, success, adversity, pain and failure. I do this through stories. Some long, some short but all authentic.

The gift I seek in return, is the one you see before you today. A chance to hear from a friend, the chance to open a door to a world very few have ever seen or even know exists. Although it lies right in front of you… most can’t see it. For many years I was not able to either.

Are you willing to find these doors… When you do — will you open them and walk through?

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