Murph’s Legendary Character Principles

My Legendary Character Principles

I have found over the course of my life, my choices are based on key principles which influence each and every decision I make. As I have grown older my passion and conviction towards following these principles has grown stronger.

Be it life experience. Be it Karma. I believe for each person it’s different. 

However, for the most successful people in the game of life. I know legendary principles are like beacons of light which guide them through the fog of life.

Especially when it’s hard to see exactly where you are going.

Murph’s Character Principles:

Family First = without a strong family you have nothing.
Marriage and children are two of life’s biggest tests & gifts. Neither are easy. Both are extremely rewarding. Deciding not to make this priority #1 leaves you all alone.

YourLEGEND = One’s purpose in life
Seek to fulfill your purpose and Legend will live on through Legacy. You will have served your purpose when fulfillment overcomes you.

Believe = Surround yourself with only those who believe.
Gather the best people for each task. Pay them a fair wage. It will be scary. It will test your faith. But, they will help you realize your dream and accomplish your mission.

Execute = Win
Actions speak louder than words
Execute – Just Do It

Hard Work – Hustle – Grind
Hard Work = give it everything you have and let go.
One thing in life we all control is how hard we work to get the result we are after.

Focus – follow your gut
Focus on one thing and you will be great.
Focus on many and you will be good.
Focus on nothing and you will be just that.

Never Quit
One thing stops a man from reaching his dreams. Fear of failure.
Your greatest desire is your mission on Earth.
Being scared to succeed is one’s biggest fear. Don’t let it stop you.
Don’t fear failure. It is part of the process
You will always win if you never quit.
When you want something so bad. The universe will cooperate.

Patience – Fortitude – Enjoy the journey
All things worth having… Take time.

Positive things happen to positive people
Your mindset dictates everything.
Stay focused on the present and you will be a happy man. Because life is the moment we are living right now.
When you believe in something so deeply. Don’t expect others around to understand. For your job is not to convince them. It’s to show them.

Passion = Passion is a drug. It attracts the like minded. It never quits.
Follow your passion and your needs will be served.
Confidence is built by overcoming every new challenge.

Follow the signs around you
Life is a journey.
The map is all around you.
Everything happens for a reason. Believe.
Perspective is what gives each individual clarity. Through one’s clarity comes interpretation of the signs around you.
Let intuition guide you. Trust in your gut and purpose will find you. The hardest part. Executing.

Be self-aware
Actions speak louder than words.
Becoming an entrepreneur is a nomad’s calling. You will be alone and Famous… All at the same time. Self-awareness becomes your Guiding Light. Follow it. Like you follow the sun and the moon and the stars.
People need not fear the unknown if they are capable of achieving what they need and want.

Never Stop Learning
Each experience on your journey provides skills to guide you towards fulfillment.
Keep your eyes open to opportunity all around you.
The second you stop learning the world passes you by.

Think for yourself = Do your best to think for yourself:
Only you know best… the direction you are heading.
Don’t trust others to know your destination. Each one of us is on our own journey with purpose and mission in mind.
Becoming dependent on another to show you the way causes one to become dull in the sense of direction and dependent in the sense of purpose.

Always be open to change.
Only change, what you believe, when it serves your single greatest purpose.  Fulfilling Your Legend.

Connect = We are all connected
Let the omens guide you. They are dots connecting everything around you. Connecting to your soul.Trusting in others to help you. Helps them fulfill their purpose in life too.

Always ask OBJECTIVE questions:
An objective perspective is one that is not influenced by emotions, opinions, or personal feelings – it is a perspective based on fact, in things quantifiable and measurable. 

A subjective perspective is one open to greater interpretation based on personal feeling, emotion, aesthetics, etc.

Become a storyteller
The same stories have been passed down for thousands of years. What makes them yours… Their interpretation by you. What makes them right. The meaning they have for you. You see, it’s perspective which makes every story original to us all.

Never let money stop you
Those interested only in gold. Never find the secret. Never find their personal Legend.
Purpose before profit.
Nothing in life is Free.
Money is not the real obstacle. Belief is.
Giving of something valuable is the price one pays along the way.
It’s one’s test.
Stop worrying about money. Find purpose in what you do. Money will follow.

Do for others
As you do for others remember… this work you do is for them NOT you. Take no credit – leave no mark. Help someone else achieve their legend and you are one step closer to achieving yours.

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