Strengthening The Chain of Inspiration

“Murph, your newsletter has inspired me to write something of my own.” The words of a good friend who was born to tell stories.

On a Friday, sitting in my car, in front of a home I was tearing down for a new construction project we are working on… I get a call. It’s my good friend Charlie. A successful business owner who is always looking for ways to touch his employees and his friends. Charlie tells me, “Murph, we are going to start implementing a newsletter in our company. I love what you do in your newsletter. Can you help me?”

My first reaction, “YES! — you know I am always here for you bro.”

That’s when the conversation got really good. At least for me because I couldn’t stop talking. You see… When someone strikes a chord with me on something I really believe in. There is a chemical cocktail of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin that goes off in my brain. My energy level quadruples, I start pacing the room or when sitting my leg starts to bounce. My voice gets louder and passion permeates out of my soul.

My first question, “Are you going to be real?”

If you are not going to be real and let your audience deep inside Why, How or What you are all about. If you aren’t going to let them see the bad with the good. They will know.

“They will know what Murph?” Charlie asked.

They will know you are faking it.

“How deep should I go” Was Charlie’s response.

“All the way!” I replied in an instant with a loud voice as if I was cheering for the Vikings after they just scored a touchdown. Everything got quiet for 2–3 minutes as the notion of sharing EVERYTHING stimulated Charlie’s mind.

I knew he was in deep thought and I let him be in the  moment. 

That’s the hardest part. Knowing deep down inside people connect with you when you are “Real.” But, it’s the vulnerability, the doubt, the “What will they think of me.” that keeps 95% of our population from sharing their story. I know. For 5 years I struggled to get out of my shell. 5 years of knowing… if I share my story it will make an IMPACT.

Sitting on a stool with Charlie reminiscing — about 1 year after I found out my daughter Shay had Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Charlie and I sat talking, sipping beer, I was pouring out my soul. He was there the day I found out Shay had T1D. The minute I found out… I’ll always remember walking up to him just after getting off the phone call with my wife when she told me the news. I can only imagine what my face looked like. But, Charlie knew the second he laid eyes on me. “Murph, What!!”

It was after those stories I shared with Charlie and Charlie shared with me as we sat, sipping beer, pouring our hearts out. Being “Real.” when a moment I will never forget happened. Charlie said to me, “Murph, I wish everyone could get to know you like I do. You need to get out of your shell and share your story.” So I did.

That’s when I started writing my personal stories at That’s when I started writing my newsletter. That’s when I started communicating with the world. Because deep down inside me there was a voice. A voice that kept saying, “ I know when I tell my story to the world, like I have to a select few, it will make an IMPACT. It will provide hope and change people’s lives.”

After 2 or 3 minutes Charlie snapped out of his deep thought…

That’s when I asked him, “Charlie, you remember the day we were sipping beer just before a Wild hockey game and you said, “Murph, I wish everyone could get to know you like I do.” Then you said, “You need to get out of your shell and share your story.”

“Yep!” he responded.

Well my friend, it’s my turn to return the favor. So, if you are really going to do this you need to dig deep. Just like you do everyday when you sit down with your best clients and friends. Like us. When we go deep on a topic and there are no worries of being judged, doubted or laughed at. Because we both respect each other and what it takes to be vulnerable. I will tell you one thing. Ever since I got out of my shell and shared my story. Not one person has laughed at me and not one person has told me my story isn’t worth telling.

Quite the opposite has happened.

Just like it is happening right now.

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