“Focus Your Mind…”

Daily, I find myself discovering new opportunities to improve my mind, body, relationships and business. The problem is… Each new opportunity takes away from something I am working towards being great at already.
The constant mental battle between discovering new things and staying on your path towards greatness… is my struggle to the top.
Creating a daily agenda of monotonous tasks you know need to be accomplished. Then sticking with the agenda to accomplish those tasks over the long haul… makes me feel like all the oxygen is getting sucked out of my lungs.
I embrace the thrill of doing something new. It’s what I live for. However, when it comes to doing something over and over and over and over… Almost like packing products into a box as they come down the conveyor belt. That drives me nuts!!
Like Christopher Columbus, I strive to discover new lands and push myself into understanding the new world. Problem is, once I feel like I have it all figured out… I get bored and want to discover something new. It’s in this discovery about myself where I found the quest from good to great is immense. But, I know the key is focus.
Now, I am on a new quest to discover immense focus in myself. Towards the goal of becoming great at one thing. Instead of good at many.
Like Apa the “Super Sherpa” who has made it to the top of Mount Everest’s summit 21 times. With many unsuccessful attempts along the way. Apa has proven his greatness. He has mastered the power of a “Focused Mind.”
Apa, has so much control over his “Focused Mind.” His ability to overcome the temptation of greener pastures is probably what saved his life countless times while on Everest. Proven, when he promised his family after his 21st summit of Everest… He would stop doing the one thing he loved more than anything in this world.
Many asked him “Why?”
Apa said, “ I have to make my family happy. Every time I go, they worry because Everest is very risky.”
It’s because of his “Why” he has changed his path.
I believe that is the same reason Apa made it to the summit of Everest 21 times and lived to tell about it.
Because he wanted to make his family proud.
Apa kept a “Focused Mind” around his “Why” while climbing Everest because he was worried about his family if he died. What would they do. How would they survive. Apa knew they depended on him. Apa knew he couldn’t let them down.

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