Leadership Is A Choice – To Put Yourself Last and Everyone Else First

I read this story from Josh Longawa a friend of mine on Facebook. It was so powerful I felt compelled to share it with you today:

“So, I had a very intense event happen today while driving home with my son. I will give you the condensed version. While driving in St, Paul I noticed a car in a corner of a parking lot behind a van with one end of a hose in the exhaust pipe and the other end in the car window which was mostly rolled up. It took a minute to register in my head that someone was attempting to take their own life or perhaps the life of another. I had to turn around and see. I pulled into the parking lot I told my son to say in the car because I did not know what I might find. As I approached the car there was a young man slumped over the center of the front seat. I knocked loudly on the window and the man sat up. I opened the door and said “you can’t do this! This will kill you!” and said “do you promise”. I could feel the pain he was in and I could see it in his eyes. I burst into tears as I said people love you! There are so many people here that you haven’t even met yet that LOVE YOU. We sat for a while and talked. There is a quite a bit more to the story but I will keep it to myself for the moment because I’m not sure how to express it or if anyone will believe me.

Shit has to change. I am sick of people being lost to depression, suicide, drug overdose, school shootings and acts of violence…… Can we please go back to spread love and compassion for all people. How do we teach love, kindness, empathy and compassion to our kids? We did it by showing them. I don’t feel like I can let this experience just fade away.”

Because I believe Josh and know exactly how he feels. I wrote him back. I told him my version of his story. I shared my life changing experience. Then I provided him with the two choices he already knows he’s face with. The hardest choice he will ever have to make.

This is what I wrote:

“Josh Longawa — When my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes that day changed my life forever. Like you I was shown another path… My eyes opened to a new reality I ignored because I was more worried about me than fulfilling a purpose driven mission.

You can read my story here: http://www.timkmurphy.com/murphs-stories/my-5-year-old-leader/

If you truly want something to change… That change needs a leader. Someone to inspire those around them, those listening and those struggling.

Through TeamSugarShay.com our team raised almost $60,000 in 4 years to help those struggling with Type 1 Diabetes. The money is great… But it’s our stories we share that change the world.

Was it easy, was it always fun, did I want to quit along the way… YES!

But, when I wake up every morning, hug my little girl then prick her finger and draw blood it reminds me to be thankful. God gave me the strength to lead. It’s a gift and a burden… Though I know it is my calling and I find inspiration from each person’s life I touch with my message. That’s what keeps me fighting.

My friend, you have reached a fork in the road… And you only have 2 choices:

1) You have been inspired by this experience you shared with us. From it, you choose to stand up and fight. Become a leader, share your stories and along the way find your purpose driven mission.

Here is the first story I wrote after deciding to lead: http://www.timkmurphy.com/murphs-stories/the-new-beginning-2/

2) You do nothing. Go back to life just like it was the moment before you saw a hose leading from a car exhaust pipe into the car and your instincts told you to go back.

Either way, you are a good man. You have a huge heart!

Being a leader is hard because it’s a decision to put yourself last and everyone else first.

You see, that’s what we are missing in this world…

More Leaders on a purpose driven mission.


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