No Regrets

As I held my 96 year old Grandmothers hand

Each and every day thoughts creep into our mind, like water dripping on our forehead, about why we didn’t do something. Why we found an excuse to pass up on our opportunity to take action.

Yesterday, I made sure there were no regrets when it came to seeing my 96 year old Grandmother. It was a moment in my life for which I have never experience. I can say, it’s not something I’m good at…

Sitting at the edge of Grandma’s bed for hours. Holding her hand starring into her squinted, wrinkled, eyes while observing her fight to take her next breath. As she held my hand all her strength went into clinching mine. I believe it was her way of hugging me. Holding onto me as if to say, “I will always be here with you.”

As I sat by her side we talked about my wonderful wife, my two girls and all the things we are doing. As a mother of 8 children, Grandma knows what it’s like raising a family… She has done it all her life. With a faint smile and a whisper she said, “Show me pictures, of the girls.” I pulled my phone out and showed her the ones who mean everything to me. My three girls.

After 20 minutes of me talking and Grandma fighting to open her eyes and see each picture. She clinched my hand tight saying, “My oldest grandson… Tell the girls I loved them.” It was in this very moment reality struck. I held on tight!

Struggling to find words fitting of the moment… I sat silently staring at her as if to burn that moment in my mind forever.

I realized, she was so weak she couldn’t open her eyes. But, her ears were as sharp as ever. My Mom and several of my aunts and uncles were in the room with me. As I held her hand and watched her every move I realized she is listening. To every voice. Visualizing each one of her children in the room with her. Knowing where they were without ever opening her eyes. She has been present their entire life…

Realizing, at that very moment, how so many things in life mean so very little.

Family. Family means everything.

How lucky I am to know this amazing human being. Her impact on my life demonstrates the great person she is. Witnessing her influence on all my family members lives provides a perspective few will ever share.

Her strength is amazing, her heart is pure and her legacy is one of giving…

Expecting nothing in return.

Today is a sad day…

Deep in my heart I know Grandma has no regrets because she has lived life to the fullest.

She gives all who truly know her… Something we can live up to.

What more can one ask or give.

I Love You Grandma

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